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Not everyone has time to attend workshops. For those who prefer information online please choose from the list below.

Each course provides knowledge, understanding, practical tips and advice in an accessible format for families, parents and carers supporting a child, young person or adult with autism and/or ADHD. All modules contain links to further helpful information.

Please contact the team on 0800 999 1342 to pre-register. The team will then notify you when the courses are available.

Workshop Title

Course Description

Target Audience

What is autism?

An exploration of autism in children and young people. We look at; what autism is, the factors considered in diagnosis and the experiences the child or young person may face growing up. Various support strategies are discussed.

Parents or carers

Navigating through services: autism from referral onwards

This course aims to give participants an understanding of the referral process, diagnosis and further management options their child may receive. The course discusses the One Page profiles and benefits of hospital passports.

Parents or carers

Communication & autism

Explore what it is like for a child, young person or adult who experiences communication difficulties. Participants will be encouraged to communicate with their child in a way that addresses some of the challenges they may face. Various strategies and techniques will be discussed.

Parents or carers

Sensory difficulties and autism

Children may experience various sensory difficulties, some of which are unique and individual. Ranging from sound, touch and taste which may also vary in severity with each child. This online presentation and resources touch on various approaches which can assist participants in connecting with their child’s needs.


Parents or carers

Positive behaviour support

Tantrums, biting, kicking, physical aggression and repetitive behaviour are behaviours that can be shown by children, young people and adults with autism. We discuss various techniques and strategies to help manage some of these behaviours.

Families, carers and those who support people who present with behaviour challenges.

What is ADHD?

An exploratory online session aimed at developing an understanding of ADHD in children, young people and adults.

Parents and carers

ADHD: Navigating through the process: from diagnosis to management and beyond

For ADHD we highlight the process which explains which professionals you may encounter and what you can expect on the journey from assessment, diagnosis, aftercare support, therapy and advice.

Parents or carers


This section works through suggestions and advice using resources on how best to manage behaviours related to their ADHD via therapies and the possible use of medication.

Parent and carers of children and young adults who have ADHD.

Autism and ADHD in the BAME community

This session aims to provide knowledge, skills and awareness of other services for people from BAME communities to support their child with autism and/or ADHD.

Parents or carers and young people

Food & mood

Understanding the link between food and mood is a helpful insight into some behaviours. This session explores the effect of food and the benefit of a healthy diet.

Parents or carers

The Mental Health Act (1983, 2007)

This session introduces the Mental Health Act and its significance to autism.

Parents or carers of children with autism

Anxiety & autism

To follow

Parents or carers of children with autism and anxiety